How do you say your name?


Where are you located?

Zenarii Apparel is a mobile retail store out of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Where can I find more information about your company ?

Follow us on all of our social media outlets—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blog which can be accessed through our website or our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

How do i know what clothing is organic and what isn't?

Under each item advertised will be some of the following icons to make you aware: 

What makes Cotton Organic?

Cotton that is grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers (all of which can be harmful to the environment) is labeled organic.

How much do you donate to conservation groups?

10 percent of every item purchased will be taken out and collected for these organizations.

How do I know my money is being donated?

We alert the organizations we choose to donate our money to ahead of time, so they know to expect our donation. If you wish to confirm a donation was made to that company, you may contact them to check that that they received our gift.

Do you have sizing information?

We have added a size chart to help you determine your size when ordering. Because sizing and cut will vary between fabrications and styles please use this chart as a general guide to compare the various size scales.

I received an error when placing my order, what do I do?

First, make a note of the error code displayed to you. Then, check that the billing address entered matches exactly what your bank has on record as your address. If you still have trouble, please contact customer service at customerservice@zenarii.com and reference the error code you saw at checkout. We are always happy to help our customers!

What if an item I want is not available?

Zenarii makes every effort to keep adequate stock of the items listed on our site, but sometimes we do sell out of certain products. If we are out of stock on an item that you want, please enter your email so we can contact you when the item is back in stock.

If you have any questions not answered here, please email us at: customerservice@zenarii.com