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Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership


Imagine your frustration and sadness if you drove up to your favorite hunting or fishing area to find a “Closed to Public” sign now hanging on the gate. Imagine you had just arrived with your children or grandchildren to give them their first experience in the sport you love so much.

Hunting and fishing are American traditions, and sportsmen and women everywhere want to enjoy these activities themselves and share their skills and pleasure in the natural world with the next generation.

Loss of access to high-quality hunting and fishing areas threatens both the tradition of these sports and the benefits to wildlife populations brought about by responsible hunting and fishing. Fortunately, organizations such as the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) are taking action against this threat, and they need your support.  

Teddy Roosevelt’s Gift to Americans

Teddy Roosevelt was himself an avid hunter, and he understood the importance of nature conservation for keeping this sport alive and thriving.

In fact, the existence of our National Parks, National Forests, and federal bird reserves and game preserves is due to the American Antiquities Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1906 at President Roosevelt’s request. The TRCP is named in honor of President Roosevelt’s legacy to conservation.

TRCP Continues President Roosevelt’s Legacy of Natural Conservation

The TRCP is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission of assisting in the creation and implementation of federal laws and policies to protect the integrity of wildlands and wildlife and to preserve access to these lands for responsible hunting and fishing for all Americans.

In 2002, the TRCP was created by a coalition of individuals, organizations, and businesses with an interest in nature conservation from the perspective of hunters and anglers. Since then, TRCP has worked to increase federal funding for conservation and protection of wildlands and guarantee Americans continued access to high-quality areas for hunting and fishing.

TRCP also spends considerable effort on educating legislators and policymakers about the science of wildlife management and the benefits of responsible hunting and fishing and its role in maintaining healthy populations of wildlife and fish.

The TRCP has also partnered with Trout Unlimited and the National Wildlife Federation in creating Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development. This organization’s mission is conserving forests and other natural resources and amplifying the voices of hunters and anglers, so their concerns are heard by policymakers and legislators.

How You Can Support the TRCP

You can support the TRCP by sending them a donation, by becoming a free member of their organization, and by subscribing to their blog and keeping yourself up-to-date on developments affecting conservation, hunting, and fishing. 

By supporting the TRCP, you are making your voice heard as a hunter or angler, and you are helping to ensure continued access to public lands so you can enjoy the sports you love and pass these traditions on to the next generation.