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Introducing Zenarii Apparel

About Us

Inspired by the peace and beauty found in nature, we offer clothing for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether you like to hike and camp or fish and hunt, each item of clothing we make is created with you in mind--people who enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. We believe in the importance of form and function in our products, so we combine unique designs with mostly organic material to produce clothing for your active lifestyle.

Blending the word "zen”, representing peace, and the Latin word for hunting, “venari,” Zenarii is the ultimate intersection of nature and conservation. Our mission is to sell clothing that represents everything we love about the outdoors, while supporting conservation and preservation efforts. Seventy percent of our products are made with organic cotton and made in the US. Organic cotton means that it is not treated with any pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. It also does not contain materials from genetically modified plants. 

While some of our clothing is made with non-organic materials, each item is clearly marked so you can be in control of your choices. We at Zenarii believe that using organic materials is important for the protection our environment, and our goal is to become one-hundred percent organic and US based.

Zenarii Gives Back

We also want to make everyone aware that the fees paid by hunters and fishermen are in a large part what fuels conservation efforts in our country.  We believe that spending time in nature brings out our inner peace and sense of well-being—feelings in short supply in the hustle and bustle of a city. We all get to experience this joy while visiting our public lands for kayaking, hiking, camping, back country skiing and more. So, our ability to experience this harmony with nature is due in part to the money paid for fishing licenses and hunting permits.

We proudly donate 10 percent from each item purchased to organizations dedicated to preserving and conserving nature. See our blog and Facebook page for more information on the organizations that will be receiving these donations.