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DCNR purchases 18 acres in Erie, PA.

On December 31st, Erie found out that DCNR(Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) purchased 18 acres of property at the entrance of Presque Isle.
After reading some negative comments on social media we decided to write this post to educate not only ourselves but our followers on why this purchase of land took place. We also want to share why this is great news for our community and conservation.
We have attached a satellite map. DCNR has purchased the property that was formerly owned by BAC Inc.
Who is DCNR?
DCNR is the agency responsible for Pennsylvania's state parks and state forests. They help local communities take advantage of their natural areas while also providing for conservation and preservation of natural resources.
Why did they purchase this land?
They have been looking at this land since 2002. The main reason for purchasing this land was to restore and maintain Scott Run. This tributary travels through the property and drains into Presque Isle Bay. Over the years the banks of Scott Run have been eroding and each time it rains, more sediment is drained into Presque Isle Bay.
What is sediment and why should we care? (information gathered from
Sediment is matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid. When transferred to our waters it can cause the following:
-Disruption of the natural food chain by destroying the habitat where the smallest stream organisms live and causing massive declines in fish populations.
-It can clog fish gills, reducing resistance to disease, lowering growth rates, and affecting fish egg and larvae development.
-Nutrients transported by sediment can activate blue-green algae that release toxins and can make swimmers sick.
How will they fix this?
According to Environmental Remediation and Recovery (Located in Edinboro, PA) they will create a restoration plan that includes surface water management and stabilizing the banks.
Why is Conservation important?
Conservation protects wildlife. It is by definition the prevention of wasteful use of resources. We don't want the animals we love to be just a memory because more and more species are becoming extinct. We need to protect our wildlife and this at times needs to be done through human intervention.
Why are they referring to this as green space?
This space will add to the Great Lakes Seaway Trail system (also pictured). This 518-mile scenic driving route begins along the shores of Lake Erie and continues along the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River.